5 Top Tips for Tip Top Service

There are three things that any organisation in business must get right. These are the People, the Product and the Process. Using the unique ‘Phil the Funnel’ strategy here are five top tips to ensure you

  • gain new customers
  • retain old customers and
  • increase profitability.

Here are the top tips…

Top tip #1 Network

Every new and existing business must network and present their product or service to new contacts – all the time. In times of a recession this is even more important. Join different networks such as BNI, The Business Network and the local Chamber of Commerce. Get to know as many people as possible in the area and deliver your ‘elevator pitch’

Top tip #2 Find out what they want

Always find out what your customers and potential customers want. This can be through market research, surveys, internal and other external means. Get to know your customer and understand the market you operate in. Ask them! Find out what really matters to your customers, rather than collecting meaningless expressions of satisfaction.

Top tip #3 Recruit and train the right people

Staff with the right attitude is essential to building a successful customer service approach. ‘Hire for attitude, train for skills’ should be the maxim. Staff retention is crucial to your organisation to improve customer service excellence. Research shows that staff stay when they are happy and respect the organisation for which they work.

Top tip #4 Lead from the top

Lead from the top. Getting customer service right in an organisation, and continually improving it, is a long term commitment. It must be made by those at the top. Measure how well you deliver against what really matters. Look at how customers and staff rate the key ‘moments of truth’. See how this affects their overall attitude to your organisation.

Top tip #5 Communicate with everyone

Keep people informed, recognise good performance, celebrate success, and market your services. All of the above points require a coordinated strategy of communications that utilise all available tools.

Bonus Tip – Contact me!

If you or your organisation need help with any of the above. If you need a speaker, MC or facilitator for your next meeting or conference, then give me a call.