5 Top Tips for Tip Top Service

There are three things that any organisation in business must get right. These are the People, the Product and the Process. Using the unique ‘Phil the Funnel’ strategy here are five top tips to ensure you

  • gain new customers
  • retain old customers and
  • increase profitability.

Here are the top tips…


The Ride of Your Life

Come with me on a journey.
Imagine, if you would, sitting in a seat with heart beating fast, hands all clammy your fear levels rising with each passing second.

Slowly, slowly we set off – a steep hill, what seems like a small mountain as we move into an uncertain future. Our mind races with other thoughts – will I be left hanging? Will it fail? What happens if I lose my grip?

All the while our journey takes us higher and higher – a little closer to our destination. Then suddenly – we stop. The ground looks distant, we feel light-headed, nervous, our life passes before our eyes.

And then we start to move, hurtling towards our destination at frightening speed. Time seems to stand still but life passes by at warp speed. Our stomach lurches – the butterflies try to fly in formation. As we move forward we twist and turn, our voice rising in terror and alarm, sometimes we are unable to speak.

Oh the excitement, the rush, the adrenalin!! Then the final corner comes towards us and our journey comes to an end sometimes quite abruptly. Our heart is still racing and we look around – “would I do that again?” “Was that exciting?”

Well – was it? Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the awesome world of…


Top tips to be an MC

Being a Master of Ceremonies is all about being in control but discreetly. You should be heard not seen. If you have ever been asked to perform this important role then here are a few tips to ensure the day goes smoothly.

If need to use a microphone, then make sure you do. Don’t try to shout above the hubbub of the crowd – the microphone will add more power to your voice. Make sure all audio equipment (if used for speeches/toasts) is in working order.


Ten Top Tips for Tip Top Talks

Tip #1 Know the room

Arrive early, walk around the room, and see areas which might be a problem. Check out the potential blind spots where the audience might not be able to see you and ensure you don’t stand in those positions on stage. Practice out loud so you can get a feel for the sound of your voice in the room. Practice using all the equipment and make sure it is all there when you need it. Make sure you have a backup if it goes wrong.


Controlling nerves when speaking

Previous articles in this series have looked at a variety of tips to help you with your speech and presentation skills. While a good subject, strong opening and lots of preparation and organisation are all essential, delivering with confidence (even if you don’t feel it) and using good body language are also necessary in order to convey your message effectively.

Everyone – even the most experienced presenter – will feel a twitch or tremble of nerves before taking the stage. The real trick is learning to control them so that it doesn’t negatively affect your performance.


Organising and opening a speech

In my last post, I offered some helpful tips on preparing to give a speech or presentation, plus some inspiration for deciding on a topic. This time around, I’m going to offer some expert guidance on organising and opening a speech in order to attract and retain your audience’s attention.

Organising your speech is more than just the order that you introduce your points – you also need to ensure that the words work together to keep your audience engaged and convey the importance of each point you make and how they relate to one another…


Preparing a Speech or Presentation

Speaking or giving a presentation in front of an audience can be pretty daunting. Being well prepared will help you manage your nerves and ensure you’re delivering the right message in the right way.

With years of experience in helping people fine tune their speech-making skills, I’ve developed a series of articles to provide some essential hints and tips to help you overcome your fears. These proven methods will soon have your audience hanging on your every word…


A Typical Toastmaster Meeting

The hardest part of any Toastmaster meeting especially as a guest is….
walking through the door.

Nervous, nerve wracking? You’ve heard about this strange organisation called… Toastmasters and your friend, Boss, relation told you to give it a try.

What to expect? Well, the first thing I would say from my experience is – a warm friendly welcome. Someone is bound to meet you at the door in a friendly fashion and engage you in conversation. There may be different cultures or styles but more often than not the meeting will follow a similar pattern …


Speech Styles

There are many different styles of speech and you could be forgiven for not realising that sometimes a speech is actually something else.

Let me explain. Whenever your parents told you off when you were little – that was a speech.
When your boss presented you with your leaving present – that was a speech.
And when great orators like Tony Robbins or Jeff Bezos stand in front of an audience selling their products – that is a speech.

A speech therefore can have many styles …


The Power of Public Speaking

What is public Speaking? Standing in front of an audience? Addressing a huge crowd? Speaking to a few people on the bus?

Yes to all of the above. Mention this to individuals like you and me and suddenly those two words create a picture in our mind.

Martin Luther King addressing the crowds
Mahatma Gandhi speaking to His followers
Adolf Hitler rousing his troops.

All these speakers had one thing in common …