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A Typical Toastmaster Meeting

The hardest part of any Toastmaster meeting especially as a guest is….walking through the door. Nervous, nerve wracking? You’ve heard about this strange organisation called… Toastmasters and your friend, Boss, relation told you to give it a try. What to expect? Well, the first thing I would say from my experience is – a warm… Read more »

A Toastmaster wears many hats

The life of a Toastmaster is shrouded in mystery. Whenever you mention that you are a Toastmaster people raise their eyebrows and say ‘Really?’ They automatically assume that you wear a red coat, carry a gavel, and make announcements at formal dinners. In truth that’s not the case. A little history lesson here tells us… Read more »

Why I joined Toastmasters

Being unemployed for over two years after losing my job was a nerve wracking experience. I lost confidence in my communication.During this time I found that I had lost my confidence. It was not easy to meet people and certainly even more difficult to speak to them. The thought of going out in the big… Read more »