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Are you ready to inform, educate or entertain your audience

Speaking in public… probably one of the hardest things you might have to do. Especially if you are selling yourself either through networking or in a sales call. But if you’ve ever persuaded someone to see things from your point of view, you’re already a speaker.

What is it that scares you when you step onto the stage? Fear of success, fear of failure, acceptance, judgement, what everyone thinks about you, your clothes, your haircut?!! You know what? Forget it.

Don’t worry, no one is going to punish you for having an ugly web site, or being a lousy salesperson. You might not get many people converting to buyers, so how can you get good at something unless you practice?

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you by making the speech or presentation all about them. Think about where your customer is now and ask them where they want to be. You need to understand what your audience needs or wants in order to be able to deliver an informed presentation.

Follow my top 10 Tips, Tricks and Techniques to squash your fear of speaking in public, and you’ll be well on your way to more confidence, which when transferred to your prospect, will make them a happy customer. One that rewards your desire to learn, inform and serve, with a long term relationship, returning time and again, as a customer for life.